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Brrrr!  Where are My Fuzzy Slippers?

Brrrr! Where are My Fuzzy Slippers?

'Cause it's getting REALLY cold out here on the farm! [caption id="attachment_973" align="alignright" width="240"] Good Morning, Sunshine![/caption] Temps have been consistently in the 30s each morning, but the frost lingered until long past the time when I usually take Thomas out for the bus today.   Amazingly enough, very few of the green items we have at market right now are from the greenhouse.  Most, like spinach, kale(s), collards, turnips, brussels sprouts, lettuce and bok choy, are still being harvested from the fields weekly. As long as the weather isn't too harsh right away, the plants become accustomed to the weather and actually thrive. ...Read More

Oh No, Say it Ain’t So… A Vegan is Coming to Dinner!

WHY are people afraid of different? The 'V-word' strikes fear in the hearts of many when faced with the prospect of cooking for a dinner guest who eats no animal products whatsoever, especially at holiday time.  What the heck do you feed a vegan or vegetarian  for Thanksgiving? Well, first off, do NOT go out and buy a Tofurkey unless it's requested.  Sure, some people NEED to have something to carve at their Holiday Table, but let's face facts.  It's still a processed food product that will TASTE LIKE it came out of a box. [caption id="attachment_937" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Toasting the...Read More
It May LOOK Like Spaghetti…..

It May LOOK Like Spaghetti…..

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="225"] A lovely autumn day on Celery Ave[/caption] Yeah... Spaghetti squash wasn't a hit with The Boy.  At least he tried it, though, which is an improvement over the last 2 years or so. He even tried Brussels sprouts this week.  Well, not exactly the sprouts.  You see, Brussels sprouts grow on a tall stalk with leaves coming out in a circular fashion, and the sprouts grow right above the stem of the leaf.  As Dad (Farmer Sonny) puts it, a little cabbage grows out of each crotch.  Not so appetizing when you put it THAT way, right?  Anyway,...Read More