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From Field to Feast

Grilled Rhubarb Cobbler

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Every time I pick rhubarb for sale at the farm stand I think about the potentially diet-damaging and oh-so-delicious dishes I can create with the red celery-like stalks. I daydream about the cobblers and crumbles... READ MORE

Stuffed Fairy Tale Eggplant

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It’s been a good summer. I’ve been doing a whole lot of this:   Not so much the eating corn thing, but the spending time with this special young man thing. My baby... READ MORE

Kitchen Cheat Sheet: Fresh Herbs

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I remember way back in the olden days… around the turn of this century… when a farmer lived by the seasons.  We had planting season, summer, harvest time, and winter.  The winter seemed... READ MORE

For the Love of Quinoa!

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My son has a multitude of phrases that he will use rather than curse. I appreciate this, really, because at times I have the mouth of a truck driver and our relationship is... READ MORE

Creole Sugar ‘N’ Spice Pecans

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Also known as… those damn pecans! Why?  Because you won’t. Be able. To stop. Eating them. I made a test batch to check on seasoning, then promptly ate nearly all of them before... READ MORE



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