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From Field to Feast

Kitchen Cheat Sheet: Fresh Herbs

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I remember way back in the olden days… around the turn of this century… when a farmer lived by the seasons.  We had planting season, summer, harvest time, and winter.  The winter seemed... READ MORE

For the Love of Quinoa!

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My son has a multitude of phrases that he will use rather than curse. I appreciate this, really, because at times I have the mouth of a truck driver and our relationship is... READ MORE

Creole Sugar ‘N’ Spice Pecans

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Also known as… those damn pecans! Why?  Because you won’t. Be able. To stop. Eating them. I made a test batch to check on seasoning, then promptly ate nearly all of them before... READ MORE

Cabernet Chocolate Bundt Cake

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Did you ever want to give someone a gift because they did something nice for you? Maybe 1) they helped you shovel ridiculous amounts of snow or 2) they watched your kid so you... READ MORE



Let the Farm Girl brighten your day, with fanciful feasts.