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All I Wanted for My Birthday was Virus Protection

All I Wanted for My Birthday was Virus Protection

Happy 2012 everyone! I'm sorry I've been out of commission lately.  It appears as though some little cyberbeast decided to take up residence in my computer and now that it's fixed, I can get back to business.  Luckily, I only have to trade foodstuffs for top-notch tech work and with lots of time on my hands right now, I can cook up a storm (thank you Fletch)! Oh yeah, and I also celebrated my 29th birthday! Yes, again.  Shut up.  We had a wonderful night and Thomas got to experience 'hibachi' for the first time.   If you could have seen his eyes...Read More

Zsa Zsa on Celery Avenue?

My dear friend Jenny came to visit me on the farm 2 weeks ago.  We've talked about it for a long time, and finally it happened. She's an excellent vegetarian cook and we can talk for hours about new combinations and food ideas.   Jenny enjoys cuisines from all around the world, and living in an urban setting offers her the opportunity to explore a bit more than here in Orange County.    [caption id="attachment_419" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Lemon Icebox Cheesecake"][/caption] Jenny and I met several years ago on the Weight Watchers online message boards, so we share both our love of food (yes, at times it IS an unhealthy relationship - and...Read More

Don’t Fear the Zucchini or… Eat it Before it Eats You?

The very first zucchini flower that springs out from the plant always gets me all a-tizzy.  I fantasize about stuffing the flowers with goat cheese and herbs and baking them quickly after a shower of olive oil.  Sometimes I crave deep-fried squash blossoms.  Dipped in a basic tempura batter and salted immediately after removing from the oil, these babies are so good they don't make it out of the kitchen.  The anticipation of the sweet fruit sauteed until golden brown, perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper and loads of chopped garlic, makes my mouth water.      Seriously, I'm a total food...Read More

Odd Combination… but it WORKS!

I've learned so much working at Something Sweet (www.somethingsweetcafe.com) in Middletown over the last 2 years.  Besides learning about cake decorating and baking large quantities and preparing vats of soup you could practically SWIM in, I've learned how wonderful people can be.  My co-workers are some of my best friends in the world and we laugh constantly (while still getting our work done, Boss) and have a blast together.  Those among us that share our love of cooking have  experienced such varying cuisines and we like to show off (kinda) and make things for each other. Last week Amy made...Read More