Have No Fear… Trixie is Here!


She may look peaceful now, but at 11pm last Thursday I came out of laundry-folding mode to find her milling around ON TOP OF my toaster oven.  I screamed so loudly she jumped and hit her head on the upper kitchen cabinets, then scrambled like all hell to get out of my way. 

Her wild eyes were fixed on that escape hatch (cat door) and she made it out in one piece.  The doormat and food/water bowls suffered the most damage, as did the mosquito I found dead on the counter behind the sink yesterday morning.

So it wasn’t about a curious feline afterall.  Trixie was simply protecting her people from intruders. 

Thank God we have her

3 thoughts on “Have No Fear… Trixie is Here!

  1. Hey!

    Trixie is a little doppelganger for our newest addition, Ruby. She’s about 5 months old and into everything. Her latest trick is to open the lid of my makeup box and steal my big face powder brush. She takes it downstairs and whips her head around to throw it across the room. Then she runs to it, picks it up by the bristle end and shakes it like a mouse.

    She’s always stealing stuffed animals from the girls’ rooms too. You never know what will strike her fancy, but I agree with the, “Thank God we have her” sentiment 🙂

    1. I love that powder brush story! Too funny… but she is learning her ‘trade’ so to speak, right? So we forgive.

      Cats. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without em!

  2. And we have Panda, who’s 5 1/2 lbs as an adult (6-ish lbs when she’s porky). She likes to help me fold laundry by lying atop the pile and holding down against escape. I have to distract her by appearing to fold something over THERE so she’ll get off the clothing over HERE and sit on the decoy. It usually works, like, I mean sometimes…

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