I Want This Life

I could take a hundred pictures a day like this – IF I didn’t have to work or care for a child and home.

And after discovering her sitting on a bulldozer at 4:30am (I was going out to load the truck for market), I want a hidden camera following her around all night.

In other news, my baking bug inspired an Heirloom Tomato Galette with Queso Blanco and oil-cured Olives.  It was delicious and the recipe is coming soon.

2 thoughts on “I Want This Life

  1. Dear Kasharine,

    I don’t see the whole galette recipe posted. The flooding must have insinuated itself into your life and made you forget. But now that I’ve reminded you…

    And it’s always been one of my goals in life to feel as relaxed and comfortable as a cat looks. I still have a much longer road to follow, though. Sigh!

    Always yours, Jay

    1. I have this weird thing: I like to post recipes for veggies that we actually HAVE on the farm and for sale. If it weren’t for Lee and Irene, we’d stil have those lovely heirloom tomatoes and I’d be able to make it/take more pictures.

      But I guess this is one of those years during which I’ll have to go against my first instinct and just post recipes to post recipes? *sigh*

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