Peanut Butter Cookies Just Like Mom Used to Make

Rarely does anything taste as good as your memories of them.

But sometimes, if you do it right, you can replicate that favorite cookie that your mom used to make once in a blue moon, complete with fork-made crosshatch pattern.  I swear I can still hear the fork ‘tinking’ against the ice in the small Pyrex measuring cup of water Mom used to keep the fork from sticking to the cookie dough balls.

You remember that cookie… the one you used to snag off the cooling rack before it was truly cool enough to handle. The one that was so hot it would bend in half and fall apart, forcing you to shove your entire palm against your mouth thereby incinerating your taste buds on molten peanut butter and sugar. 

Sometimes, if you do it right, you can steal relocate your mother’s red-and-white-checked 1976 edition Better Homes and Gardens cookbook without her noticing and insisting you return it pronto.  (I’m going to have to carefully slip it back into her shelf since Thanksgiving is coming up and without it there will be no pumpkin pie.  Wish me luck…)

If you are, by chance, able to do that, you’d find that favorite peanut butter cookie recipe right there on page 145…..

And while you’re at it, you may as well make some oatmeal raisin cookies and some snickerdoodles… ’tis the season afterall!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Cookies Just Like Mom Used to Make

  1. I can SMELL them over here. But what’s really depressing, is MY copy of that book was published 1976, that I got as a bride in 1978. So I’m old enough to be your mother? Holy Jeez! Still, I’ll have to make some of those this weekend.

  2. Kasha, can you use this recipe as the base for the blossom cookies with the chocolate kiss on top? The peanut butter cookie recipe for those is completely unsatisfying. I’ll try it next time and report back.

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