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Better-Than-Devil Dogs or Los Perros del Diablo

Better-Than-Devil Dogs or Los Perros del Diablo

I almost died this weekend. Maybe I shouldn't say it like that, but it's true. Every Saturday morning I drive to the  Ringwood Farmers Market on a stretch of road we like to call "Old 17".  Old 17 runs from Harriman, NY to the NJ border and until the NYS Thruway was opened in 1953, was the main route to 'upstate' from NYC.  Remember the movie "Dirty Dancing" and the Catskill resort/bungalow colony culture?  Old 17 is how city folks got to Sullivan County. Red Apple Rest, a cafeteria-rest area, was built in 1931 and was approximately halfway between NYC...Read More
Lemon Ricotta Bars (with Goat’s Milk Ricotta)

Lemon Ricotta Bars (with Goat’s Milk Ricotta)

Holy cow. We started markets this week.  It was hot.  REALLY hot. I drank a lot of water, lemonade.  and iced coffee and saw a ridiculous number of smiling faces - all of them thrilled that we are back and selling lots of fabulous local produce.  Many sincere thanks to those who remembered and mentioned the hardships we endured last summer with the massive, devastating floods.  It was nice to hear the praise and admiration, not that it was expected or even deserved.  We did what we had to do and we got through it.   Anyone faced with similar...Read More

Bailey’s Irish Cream Glaze for Aunt Lynne

Actually, it's for a chocolate pound cake mini-bundt.... But since my dear Aunt Lynne is a lover of Bailey's, well, this glaze is, and shall always be, eaten in her honor.  I'm hoping that by posting this recipe my cousins will make it for her one of these days.  I'm pretty sure she has the main ingredient ;) You can use this glaze to top just about any kind of cake.  It was perfect with chocolate, but I'm sure some kind of mocha or even a yellow or white cake would be tasty.  Bailey's is good as is, so how could it NOT be...Read More

Cherry-Pistachio Shortbread Cookies including Gluten-Free version!

Not even eight years old and already my kid's got girls making him buy shit --- his friend Megan is selling Girl Scout cookies and last night he casually asked me if we could buy some. "I want some chocolate and mint ones.  They're only $3.50 a box!"  (yeah, for like twelve!) "Oh, you mean Thin Mints?  I love those... " "HOW DID YOU KNOW???" *** I've still got my son believing I  am a magical and omniscient being.  I haven't let on that I know all these things because I, too, was once seven years old.  I'm riding this wave until...Read More

Valentine’s Cookie Decorating Seminar for The Boy

[caption id="attachment_2784" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Made from scratch and decorated 'to order'..."][/caption] I am not one of those ‘class mothers’ who attends every party, PTO event, and nose-picking that takes place at school. I could be, now, in the off-season, but my son insists that he doesn’t want me there. Is he embarrassed? Probably. I guess that's normal, though, right?  It may very well be the embarrassment factor that makes him resistant to have me in his class. Or it may be the fact that he can’t be ‘himself’ when I’m there. Or at least the Thomas that he becomes once he plunks his...Read More
A blog post that has Nothing to do with Super Bowl snacks.

A blog post that has Nothing to do with Super Bowl snacks.

It's been a bit of a crazy January around here.  I'm working on painting and redecorating (which means a trip to Paramus to get another slip cover for the Ektorp sofa... Oh, please!  Twist my arm to go to IKEA.) and that has left my home in a state of complete disarray. Mealtimes are no longer planned.  In fact, it's usually a glance at the clock at 5pm that reminds me I have a hungry second grader who needs a nourishing meal to fill his belly.  My pantry is stocked with easy-to-piece-together foods and once a week I make it to...Read More

Ladies, This One’s for You….

Have you scheduled your annual mammogram yet? Well get on that!  There's no time like the present.... You don't want to waste a gorgeous day off in the spring or summer do ya?  Do.  It.  Today. Around the farm, this winter in particular, there's not much going on. This is when we take care of things that we've had to put off because of that darned growing season.  So I've been seeing doctors, dentists, optometrists, and hair colorists (shhh.... don't tell).  I've been cleaning and purging and sorting and organizing .  I've been choosing paint colors, patching nail holes and moving furniture.  I'm...Read More

‘Royal’ly Cool Ideas for Cookie Decorating (Part 2)

So you made all your cookies and you got all your pastry bags full of various colors of royal icing, right?  I know, I know... You've been waiting patiently for me to tell you HOW to decorate the cookies.  WHY?  How could you resist?  If you have never, ever decorated a cookie before, I urge you to just dive in and get piping (that's what you call it when you squeeze the frosting out of a pastry bag).  You'll get the hang of it, I promise.  And I bet you'll find that you get more creative, faster, and more confident...Read More

‘Royal’ly Cool Ideas for Cookie Decorating (Part 1)

Yes.  I think that's funny.  I'm lame like that. I was doing some Christmas shopping at Michael's craft store the other day and couldn't resist the adorable assortment of cookie cutters.   WHAT?  Michael's has great percent-off coupons!  I NEVER make rolled cookies and I NEVER have the time to decorate rolled cookies without a small child at my side.  This week, I had the time.  And obviously I now had the cutters.  I know, you're shocked.  My resistance is really low at Michael's, Target, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was cookie week on the Martha Stewart Show, and in...Read More

Anybody Baking Cookies This Week? Read This.

Anyone who has joined us at our farm Open Houses knows that I know a little bit about making cookies. We set up a table of assorted snacks and drinks for our guests to nibble on while they shop around the barn. There are times when guests/ vendors bring something to share, but most of the time I make about 100 dozen assorted cookies. Despite the number of times I've been asked, I do not sell them. It's basically all-u-can-eat while you're here. There are some tricks that I've learned over the 6 years we've held Open Houses, tricks that...Read More