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The DARKest DAY of the YEAR

Just happens to be the FarmGirl's birthday.  Raise your hand if you're shocked by this. That's what I thought. So, my brother and cousin started razzing me years ago about being born on the Winter Solstice because it's the day with the least amount of daylight.  And for some reason, they saw me as a dark person.  (Again, show of hands?)  Could it BE the dry sarcasm?  Real plates are for wussies. Eh.  It's fine.  I am in no way offended.  I am a Solstice Baby.  It's a very magical day, a day of rebirth and new beginnings and clear dream visions,...Read More
The Colors of Christmas

The Colors of Christmas

Not the garishly bright Crayola red and green, either... I'm talking deep crimson red and asparagus green and crisp white.  Mother Nature has created such gorgeous colors that no factory (even Crayola) can reproduce them.  So, in keeping with the color theme for the season, I'm offering up a salad that will wow your guests this holiday season.    Not only is it impressive in terms of appearance, it's EASY FOR THE COOK!  Double bonus! If you're anything like me, you're probably just now realizing that Christmas is a mere 12 days away (which is why my original title for this post was...Read More

Oh No, Say it Ain’t So… A Vegan is Coming to Dinner!

WHY are people afraid of different? The 'V-word' strikes fear in the hearts of many when faced with the prospect of cooking for a dinner guest who eats no animal products whatsoever, especially at holiday time.  What the heck do you feed a vegan or vegetarian  for Thanksgiving? Well, first off, do NOT go out and buy a Tofurkey unless it's requested.  Sure, some people NEED to have something to carve at their Holiday Table, but let's face facts.  It's still a processed food product that will TASTE LIKE it came out of a box. [caption id="attachment_937" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Toasting the...Read More