Timing is everything.

My darling boy is turning six next week, so for his class’ April birthday celebration, we made up goodie bags using some of Papa’s homegrown popcorn on the cob. We wrapped printed instructions (available at www.bialasfarms.com) and a brown paper lunch bag (because you can pop it in a bag in the microwave) around one cob and tied it with cotton string. Those cobs went into cellophane goodie bags with a few other treats.We put the goodie bags in the kids’ cubbies at school and they were all abuzz over it. No feedback yet, but we know 6-yr-olds!

As I put Thomas to bed later that night, as always, we chatted for a few minutes after ‘lights out’. I hugged him and told him how proud I am of how much he’s accomplished and learned in only 6 short years. He said, tiny arms wrapped around my neck, “I’m proud of you too, Mommy, for working so hard to take good care of me.”

I melted then and there. How can one little guy be so intuitive and sensitive and considerate? How do they know just when you need the reinforcement that what you’re doing DOES make a difference in their life? What makes them realize just the right moment to tell you that you mean the world to them?

He really DOES notice that I make his broccoli extra special with just a bit of Papa’s garlic.  He notices when I make his breakfast eggs with cheese just like Grandma used to make it for me.  He realizes what fun we have cooking together, playing together, just BEING together…. and he appreciates it.  Even at 6! 

Must be love….