How Much Eating Can We Stuff Into 2 Days?

Oh heavenly swirls of cinnamon and icing, how I love you on a cold Christmas morning!

I’m trying to find out….


My eyes were bigger than my stomach, so to speak, and I had great plans for all the things I was going to prepare for our Christmas family dinners/brunch.  You see, now that our markets are finished for the year, I can finally focus on all the things that I’ve neglected since May.  And one of those things is COOKING fun and ‘more involved’ stuff.  You know, things I don’t have time to whip up between finishing work in the late afternoon and bathing a youngster 2 hours later.

I bought all the necessary ingredients for the cinnamon buns, the tiramisu that I’ve been craving (can you say “exPENSive”?), the cheese fondue and accompaniments,  and a butternut squash and gouda bechamel-based lasagna that I wanted to create.

Christmas kinda snuck up on me (What?  You too?), and on the 24th I was still wrapping presents and sewing ‘hot packs’ out of flannel and filling them with lavender-scented rice.  They’re fabulous on cold nights – just nuke for a few minutes, then put under the covers near your feet to keep you toasty until you fall asleep! 

Once my home was cleared of guests I also had to put together a gift for my mom.  She’s an avid birdwatcher, so I assembled some birdseed wreaths for her to hang on her tree outside in a few days.  I’ll post some pics later so you can see.  It’s a great activity to do with kids since 1) it’s messy and 2) it’ll keep them busy over the winter break and 3) you can teach them all about birds and stuff.

Unless you’re living in a cave somewhere (Which would cause me to ask, “HOW would you get internet access in a cave?”), you’re probably aware that the Northeast is digging out from a blizzard.  Blizzard shmizzard… we got about 8-inches (not that I’ll ever complain about 8-inches).  The wind, however, is another story.  Take me back to Kansas, already, because this shit keeps blowing out the pilot on my hot water heater and I’m tired of being on my back to relight it.  *snort*  Plus, I want to take a shower.