Shades of Grey

A thin coating of silty river sand covers everything now that the water has receded.

Irene’s winds ripped all of our unripened pears from the trees.

The EarthWorm SuperHighway—they were busy little bastards crossing our driveway (and the layer of muddy sand) when we weren’t looking.


The broccoli that will never be… in the early morning haze.

A very romantic shot I call “canoe under peach tree”.  The fact that the peach tree is in our yard and our house is full of river silt makes it just a bit less romantic.

If you’ve ever been to the farm for our tours, this is where you got on the tractor.

The water has NEVER been high enough to reach our barn doors.  It crested about an inch below that.

Toldja the water wasn’t THAT high in my last blog post…. THIS is high.  And I earned myself a new pair of rainboots since the flood waters flowed easily into mine when I walked anywhere…

This is the first time in it’s 41-yr history that this house has seen water completely surrounding it.  The water rushed across the lawn and street as if nothing could stop it.  It was right.

High and dry….