Feedback …with Pictures!

As you have probably learned by now, I love to make up recipes and create new things with all the ideas swimming around in my head (no jokes about all the space up there, please!).  It helps to sell Bialas Farms produce when I have ideas to give people about how to use things.  But it also helps me give back to the customers.  Without them (YOU!), we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Well, I’ve gotten some feedback about The FarmGirl’s Mint Lemonade.

Kevin is almost ready to take on Tom Cruise as bartender! (Yes, I know I’m dating myself with that reference. So what?)

From Leslie (who sampled it at the Open House at the Farm,  July 2, 2010 – for more info about upcoming events):

“Here’s Kevin making Kasha’s awesome mint lemonade over the holiday weekend.  The kids had the straight-up version, and the adults had the boozed-up version (naturally). Very delicious!”

Now THAT’S relaxing!!!

 I’d love to hear about your successes in the kitchen – or even the not-so-successful attempts.   My readers and I may be able to help.  And being devoted foodies, we’d certainly like to see what’s cookin’!

So get cooking, start snapping away and send pics to afarmgirl4ever at yahoo dot com with The FarmGirl Cooks in the subject line.   It’s so much fun!

You’re not moving….    GET IN THAT KITCHEN!

2 thoughts on “Feedback …with Pictures!

  1. “(Yes, I know I’m dating myself with that reference. So what?)”

    I want to say: who BETTER to date than yourself?


  2. I was recently at the farmer’s market in Warwick where I drank some lemonade with a handful of basil floating in the top. It was surprizingly (*) good, but I would have liked to taste it with less basil.

    However, this mint version sounds great! Is it difficult growing lemons in our climate?

    (* Brought to you by the Campaign for Changing the Spelling of ‘Surprize’ by Adding a More Interesting Letter.)

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