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Bailey’s Irish Cream Glaze for Aunt Lynne

Actually, it's for a chocolate pound cake mini-bundt.... But since my dear Aunt Lynne is a lover of Bailey's, well, this glaze is, and shall always be, eaten in her honor.  I'm hoping that by posting this recipe my cousins will make it for her one of these days.  I'm pretty sure she has the main ingredient ;) You can use this glaze to top just about any kind of cake.  It was perfect with chocolate, but I'm sure some kind of mocha or even a yellow or white cake would be tasty.  Bailey's is good as is, so how could it NOT be...Read More

Cherry-Pistachio Shortbread Cookies including Gluten-Free version!

Not even eight years old and already my kid's got girls making him buy shit --- his friend Megan is selling Girl Scout cookies and last night he casually asked me if we could buy some. "I want some chocolate and mint ones.  They're only $3.50 a box!"  (yeah, for like twelve!) "Oh, you mean Thin Mints?  I love those... " "HOW DID YOU KNOW???" *** I've still got my son believing I  am a magical and omniscient being.  I haven't let on that I know all these things because I, too, was once seven years old.  I'm riding this wave until...Read More

Valentine’s Cookie Decorating Seminar for The Boy

[caption id="attachment_2784" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Made from scratch and decorated 'to order'..."][/caption] I am not one of those ‘class mothers’ who attends every party, PTO event, and nose-picking that takes place at school. I could be, now, in the off-season, but my son insists that he doesn’t want me there. Is he embarrassed? Probably. I guess that's normal, though, right?  It may very well be the embarrassment factor that makes him resistant to have me in his class. Or it may be the fact that he can’t be ‘himself’ when I’m there. Or at least the Thomas that he becomes once he plunks his...Read More
Something Old, Something New… yada, yada, yada

Something Old, Something New… yada, yada, yada

We celebrated Thomas'  birthday a few weeks ago - no surprise he's a Taurus, huh? Full of  the bull, my boy is. On his birthday proper, I brought cupcakes to school so his class could celebrate this momentous occasion.  If he can't lose a tooth in first grade, at least he can turn 7.  I didn't want to buy canned frosting, although that would have been easier and the rugrats wouldn't have minded one bit, I'm sure.  I just felt all weird since I'm pretty much a 'from scratch' kinda gal. I did a little research and nothing tickled my fancy.  I have...Read More

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemon Curd!

[caption id="attachment_1664" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Like a burst of sunshine!"][/caption] Top 5 Reasons to NOT COOK: 5) the chef is under the weather (repeatedly) 4) the chef's kid is sick and requires constant attention (also repeatedly) 3) the chef's cat is injured and requires care, including oral antibiotics - which we all KNOW is a near-impossible task 2) doctor and/or veterinary appointments take up much of the day And the Number One reason? 1) extended winter turns simple daily chores  into drudgery I can't be the only one who had the March from hell, right?   One crappy thing after another made me wish I could go...Read More
Breaking News….

Breaking News….

  [caption id="attachment_921" align="alignright" width="180"] Mmmm.... Limey![/caption] FarmGirl Stabs Self in Hand with Steak Knife.  Was Sandwich Worth Bloodshed? No.  It wasn't. But the fact that my darling boy had just gotten off the school bus in a pissy mood and was bitching and whining about lunch AS I IMPALED MYSELF led him to feel the most tremendous guilt I've ever seen in a 6-yr-old.  It was amazing.  He danced around like the floor was made of hot coals while offering up bandaids. He was so overcome by emotion that he actually started to tear up.  He KNEW that his yapping distracted me, and although...Read More
Boo!  It’s Halloween!   …or It’s Your Cholesterol

Boo! It’s Halloween! …or It’s Your Cholesterol

October for farmers is like May for high school seniors.  You get a case of the screw-its.  Or the more vulgar f%#&-its.  Or just 'senior-itis'.  You remember ---- all the learnin'  you needed to do is done.  Graduation is just around the corner and nothing you do now can mess that up.  You're walking regardless of whether or not that book report was handed in. [caption id="attachment_745" align="alignleft" width="300"] Halloween zombies removing tomato plants from the fog-laden fields.[/caption] So here we are in October, with 2 markets finishing up this week.  It feels good.  REALLY good.   We're doing a CSA...Read More

Life Happens

[caption id="attachment_597" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Chilly Walk at Sunset"][/caption] I had lots of ideas in my head and planned to write up some new recipes this week, but sometimes, as we all know, things don't go as planned. Too much going on farmwise - we had a light and scattered frost on Tuesday morning.  That means the 15-minute Tuesday drive around the farm took about 40 minutes instead.  Dad and I always take a ride around checking out which crops (or plantings of multiple crops) are ready for harvest each week.   So we hopped in the Jeep Wrangler (Mom's baby from 1987.... still with...Read More

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

...or,  Watch what you do and say because your child WILL repeat EVERYTHING, both good and bad. [caption id="attachment_155" align="alignright" width="112" caption="Cucumber Tendrils"][/caption] The plan was for Thomas to go to The Shore with his dad for a few days, so we went 'shopping' in the fields for snacks for the trip. Kirby cucumbers, baby carrots and green beans are all great raw and hardy enough to store in a cooler bag for 2 days plus they have the added benefit of being the few veggies the boy will eat these days. I've given up trying to figure out what his...Read More

Timing is everything.

My darling boy is turning six next week, so for his class' April birthday celebration, we made up goodie bags using some of Papa's homegrown popcorn on the cob. We wrapped printed instructions (available at www.bialasfarms.com) and a brown paper lunch bag (because you can pop it in a bag in the microwave) around one cob and tied it with cotton string. Those cobs went into cellophane goodie bags with a few other treats.We put the goodie bags in the kids' cubbies at school and they were all abuzz over it. No feedback yet, but we know 6-yr-olds! As I...Read More