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Sorry, Charlie

Sometimes tuna just doesn't cut it.  I mean, sure... it was great when your mom made you a tuna salad sandwich on white toast when you were home {faking being} sick and were cuddled up on the couch drinking tea and watching Phil Donohue. What?  You didn't fake being sick?  I had a cot with my name on it in the nurse's office at school.  Gym class was to be avoided at all costs. That one episode of Little House on the Prairie when Walnut Grove had an outbreak of typhoid?  I started checking my temperature hourly.   And when...Read More

Sunday Nights Were Made for Tacos

SWF with brain (and she's not afraid to use it!), with child (ditto), and with snark (well, this is getting repetitive) apparently seeking SOMEONE by blogging. Just hangin' around! Or so says my Wordpress 'dashboard'.  The Dashboard tracks statistics such as daily views, links clicked and how the blog was found.  The Google searches that have come up can be comical: eporn farmgirl cloves, do you need to wash kasha,  pinafore sauce.  This week?  "Farmgirl dating". I'm sure this person (No, it doesn't say WHO so relax and Google away.) was looking for 'jokes about the farmer's daughter' or the like, and was driven here...Read More

Life Happens

[caption id="attachment_597" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Chilly Walk at Sunset"][/caption] I had lots of ideas in my head and planned to write up some new recipes this week, but sometimes, as we all know, things don't go as planned. Too much going on farmwise - we had a light and scattered frost on Tuesday morning.  That means the 15-minute Tuesday drive around the farm took about 40 minutes instead.  Dad and I always take a ride around checking out which crops (or plantings of multiple crops) are ready for harvest each week.   So we hopped in the Jeep Wrangler (Mom's baby from 1987.... still with...Read More

The Little Black Dress in the Kitchen

 * So here I am trying to type and post these recipe ideas and The Boy is being very affectionate and needy.  He's wonderfully happy, and ridiculously talkative, as any young man would be after riding along with Papa in the John Deere for the last hour.  He is emptying the contents of his piggy bank (ie coffee can with slit in lid) on my desk between me and my keyboard.  He reminds me of my cat (RIP, Miss Book), climbing all over me 'in the heat of the moment' like nothing important is going on (no comment) and why can't I interrupt?  This is...Read More

This One Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Or at least it will if you're 6 years old and you're hot and tired and hungry and your mean, nasty mother didn't consult you regarding the dinner menu. [caption id="attachment_315" align="alignleft" width="300"] Mommy leaves the camera alone for just a minute....[/caption] *Author's Note:   This masterpiece is titled 'Self-portrait of a Winge Bag' or ---  'Before the Fall'. Here I am thinking I'll make something really cool and colorful (for the kid) and quick and easy (for the mom) for dinner....  It WAS all of those things, and more importantly, it was damn delicious!  But this wonderful dinner was marred by the sobbing...Read More

A Summer Afternoon Harvest… with Testy McDramaPants

 "C'mon, Thomas.  Let's go get some potatoes for dinner."  [caption id="attachment_202" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Potato Patch 2010 - Just Planted"][/caption] That doesn't mean going to the store, or even to the barn... yet. Yesterday, it meant going out to the field to dig them up fresh.   REALLY?   Yes.  With the afternoon sun beating down upon us, and with temperatures nearing 100, I dragged the "poor boy" all the way to the other side of the farm just to get potatoes for dinner.  He was gung ho about it until we burned our tushies on the seat of the pick-up that had been...Read More

It just HAD to come out!

[caption id="attachment_53" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Pasta with Sorrel Sauce"][/caption]   We had some SORREL for sale at the farmers market last week. I’d tried it in the past, sauteed with spinach and chard. I wasn’t thrilled with it since it wilted so quickly and didn’t have the texture I wanted. I took the opportunity to ask everyone I sold it to just how they planned to prepare it. Everyone said they were using it to make soup - both cold and hot variations. I wasn’t in the mood for soup, though, regardless of how quickly it was going to come together....Read More