Field to Feast: Pan-seared Feta with Marinated Red Peppers

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Friday, September 6th was the first day of school for my brand new fourth grader!  Both of us were very excited.  Thomas sat on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants the morning before and said, “it feels like summer vacation just started!” … Continued

Field to Feast: Genovese Basil

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It always amazes me how much produce we grow here on our 55 acres of Black Dirt.  The sheer quantity is astounding and the veggies are all sold (we hope) at farmers markets or through our CSA (community supported agriculture) … Continued

Field to Feast: Sweet Corn; or The cooking method that has eliminated the hot mess that is summer corn on the cob

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Many of you know I’m a fledgling photographer and I took the opportunity to join a local photography club a few months ago (thanks Kathleen!).  I figured it would be great to learn the craft from those (FAR) more experienced … Continued

Field to Feast: Strawberries and Rhubarb

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We plant about 500-750 new strawberry plants each year in addition to transplanting daughter plants and maintaining the previous year’s mothers.  These new ‘bare root’ plants come from a supplier in what looks like a box of tangled, dirty never-gonna-grow … Continued